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SoundCloud Update – Choral History

SoundCloud Update

August 3, 2017

As you can see I’ve got a new look to the website. Let me know if you like it! I’m not looking to add too many more features at this point, because…who cares really amirite? I’d also like everyone to know that I’ve stopped updating new episodes on soundcloud…it just wasn’t worth the extra money and effort, and there seems to be some rumors of them being strapped for cash. If you are the type to listen to it there, you’ll need to find a new source (You can see from the old posts I’ve changed all listening links to a libsyn webplayer already). So if you want to listen you’ll need to subscribe to us on iTunes, use a podcast app one your phone like Pocketcasts (Android, Apple), or listen here. You can also follow us on FB and get the episodes from there.

Anyway, boring, but necessary post.

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